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Academic and Research division

TIES has 8 different academic and research divisions that work closely on environmental protection and management. These departments are headed by experts in that particular field, and wide varieties of projects are undertaken in and outside the campus.

Alternate Energy Resources

Head: Dr. Mathew C. Mathew

This department conducts research and promotion of alternate energy resources including bio energy, solar energy, wind energy, and development of new energy efficient equipments. Along with those, some efficient waste management programmes are also conducted. 

Animal Taxonomy

Head: Dr. Abraham Samuel K.

The animal taxonomy department of TIES conducts research on identification of various species of butterflies, dragon flies and damsel flies, frogs, snakes, fishes, rodents and birds.

Environmental Biotechnology

Head: Dr. Balasundaran M. (Former Head, Biotechnology Division, KFRI, Peechi) 

The department conducts extensive research and extension activities on waste management and microbial biotechnology. It also provides services for waste management using microbial consortium etc. This division has also developed products such as Home composting unit.

Environmental Education and Conservation

Head: Dr. Shaju Thomas

The environmental education and conservation department of TIES focuses on imparting knowledge on environmental protection and conservation among community members and students. This department  continuous to initiate and implement several projects on environmental awareness in collaboration with schools, colleges and public bodies. 

International Education, Research and Extension

Head: Dr. Punnen Kurian (Principal, St Mary’s College, Manarcad)

International education, research and extension is a credit sharing academic programme for foreign students- UG, PG and research students  (Currently 5 universities from USA); that offers two streams of academic programmes: Tropical Biodiversity Field School (TBFS) and India Cultural Study Programme (ICSP). Students will be exposed to various natural locations, academic and research establishments in India (mostly Kerala).

 Natural Farming and Research

Manager: Roshini Susan Elias

This department conducts natural farming programmes, mushroom cultivation, training programmes, research on contaminants in mushroom, and experimental programmes on medicinal plants, bamboos, wild trees etc. It also has sale of variety products including seeds, manuals etc.

Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development

Head: Dr. A.P. Thomas (Director, Advanced Centre for Environment & Sustainable Environment, School of Environmental Sciences, M.G University)

The division conducts research and extension projects in conservation and management of natural resources. Some sustainable development programmes conducted include lifestyle problems, natural farming experiments, scientific validation and popularisation of traditional techniques and products (Traditional knowledge and folk knowledge) etc.

Public Health and Tropical Diseases

Head: Dr. P.C. Itty (Rtd. Professor, Govt. Medical College, Kottayam)

This department conducts research and extension programmes on tropical diseases especially on their ecology and epidemiology. Promotional activities on healthy life style practices are also conducted.

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