Folk Toy Making

Folk Toy Making

  • Folk Toy Making

    Kerala has a rich tradition of folk toys and a wide variation is found in various parts of the state, in the type, form or use. Folk toys introduce the biodiversity to the mind of children while they play with them. They help to instil the creativity of the young mind as most of the folk toys are being made by themselves. Besides, folk toys are best tools to teach many scientific theories.

    The rich tradition of folk toys and the knowledge to make them is at a critical stage today, in this era of consumerism, especially with the influx of Chinese made low-cost, high technology toys. The loss of folk toys and the Knowledge systems related to them means the loss of an eco-friendly civilization. Hence it is very urgent and important to conserve the folk toys of India and to popularise them.

    TIES conducts regular training programmes for teachers and school children on folk toy making and playing, in the name ‘Folk Toy Camp (Kalippaattakalari in Malayalam) at various locations in the state, especially in large townships. During vacation periods special camps are arranged for service organisations ( Rotary, Lions, Jaycees, and YMCA/YWCA etc.). Schools, clubs, NGOs, Public libraries and other interested public service organisations can apply for conducting the Folk toy camp at your place. 

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