Home Composting Techniques

Home Composting Techniques

  • Home Composting Techniques

    Municipal solid waste management has become a serious concern worldwide mainly due to the escalating waste generation, improper disposal methods and lack of awareness among people about its ill effects. Common solid wastes including daily use items which has only single use is increasing, and are dumped improperly on roadsides, public places etc. It is essential to find ways to manage municipal solid waste from household level to ensure a clean environment for the future generations. Many measures have been already undertaken in mitigating this issue. Among them, home composting technique stands out mainly due to its ease in implementation and effectiveness in managing wastes.

    TIES, being an organization that works for the protection of environment, has thoroughly observed this issue and has conducted research on ways to tackle this problem. TIES encourage simple eco-friendly cost effective solution at home level and provide assistance on educating people about home composting techniques. As a service provider for Suchitwa mission, TIES supplies pipe compost, pot compost, kamba etc.

    Biodegradation is the scientific waste management option and it can be done in two ways; aerobic and anaerobic methods. Composting is an aerobic waste management technique with the use of pit, pot, pipe, kamba, vermin-composting etc and is mainly used for litter, paper, vegetable peelings, animal excreta and fish and meat wastes. On the other hand, bio digesters (biogas plant) is an anaerobic way of treating waste such as food waste, vegetable peelings, fish and meat waste etc. TIES, being an expert in both these methods, is providing consultancy services for various clients. 

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