Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Ongoing Projects

    1. Rolling Drum Home Compost Unit

    Household waste management is a serioussocio-economic problem that needs to beaddressed. In our small and medium townships,municipal solid waste is unsegregated and leftin open dump yards. Segregation of wastes atthe source itself is the best solution to controlthis scenario. However, most of the existingwaste management systems are not practicaldue to our modern life style, space and timeconstraints. Considering these limitations andto solve waste management, TIES has initiateda new project to develop rolling drum modelsfor home composting. Three different modelshave been developed, which are relativelycheap too. Special inoculums in the form ofgranules are also developed for promotingaerobic digestion in the drum digester. Firstrolling drum models have shown manydisadvantages as an effective compostingmachine; therefore, design of three advanced aerobic digesters are in progress.

    2. Scientific Validation and Improvement of Selected Traditional Rodent Control Techniques (Rat traps)

    A project funded by KSCSTE is in progress todevelop cost effective and more user friendlyrodent control techniques out of some selectedtraditional rodent traps in Kerala. Majorobjectives of the project include studyingefficacy of four selected folk rat traps incomparison to the commercial rat traps; toimprove and add user friendly aspects to theselected traps and to evaluate their efficiency;to design models of these advanced traps thatsuit the commercial production and topopularize them among farmer community inorder to reduce the crop losses and relateddamages. The project is at its infant stage, andproject staffs are appointed.

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