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Snakebite Deaths in India

According to the “Million Deaths Study“ approximately 45000 human lives are lost to snakebites every year across India. These deaths occur due to various factors such as improper first aid, practices of faith healing, not reaching hospital on time and lack of preparedness to deal with snakebite emergencies in rural hospitals across the country.

Indian Snakebite Initiative is a committed team of leading experts and institutions working in the field of conservation and snakebite mitigation since 2011. The members of this group initially come together to consolidate information and undertake activities related to snakes across India. A major project undertaken by the team is the Indian Snakebite Initiative that seeks to address the largest human-wildlife conflict issue in India– snakebite mortality. Statistics show that snakebite kills 5 people every hour in India alone!.

The snakebite mitigation activities initiated in 2013 under the guidance of Mr. Romulus Whitaker is working toward its vision of Zero Snakebite Deaths in India. Currently, there are 3 projects underway in rural areas of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat using the following multipronged approach to mitigate snakebite morbidity and mortality:

We have a 1000+ member active volunteer network of educators and snake experts across the country who undertake workshops and outreach programmes on snakes and snakebites which helps in reducing the human-snake conflict.

Donation Options

Rs 1000 will provide the victim with 2 vials of anti snake venom (ASV) which is the minimum required for any bite.
Rs 2500: will provide information material for one awareness campaigns in a rural school or community space.
Rs 5000 will cover the cost of medical supplies for treating a patient bitten by a highly venomous snake.
RS 15000 will cover the entire cost including ASV, medical supplies and life support equipment for a critical snakebite patient.

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