Mushroom Farming Training


Research and capacity-building programmes on the widely acclaimed 'neutraceutical' Mushroom have been on the agenda of TIES from its beginning time. A mushroom experimental farm is maintained at TIES for research on various varieties and their farming techniques. Mushroom seeds, beds, and value-added products are also provided by TIES, since 2005. More than 1000 persons got training on Mushroom farming from TIES and several of them are now in active farming. TIES Mushroom Club provides support to all those who trained at TIES for their farming and marketing. The next session will be on 17.06.2023 from 10 am. This batch has an additional benefit, whether you are from nearby areas of or organization or away you can attend the session, we are making it Hybrid. Those who can attend direct sessions can join the training on the day and those who are away can attend the session through online mode. The participants of the direct session will get a bed that they have prepared during the practical along with a packet of mushroom spawn. 

For further details contact: 9633723305

For Registration:

Fee for Direct Session: Rs. 350/-

Fee for Online Session:  Rs. 200/-