Online training on mushroom farming held


TIES as part of its capacity-building initiatives is training the community on mushroom farming at household levels under expert supervision. The tenth batch of TIES Online Mushroom Farming Training was completed with 11 participants from different parts of Kerala. The training constituted sessions on Mushroom and Mushroom Farming along with a practical session on bed preparation and an open forum for doubts. It was a great success that the training was able to cover a huge crowd while considering the demographics. The introduction to the Mushroom was given by Dr. Punnen Kurian, Secretary, TIES, and the Mushroom Farming session and bed preparation were led by Ms.Roshini Susan Elias, Senior Scientist, and Mushroom Expert, TIES. The aim of TIES behind this is to make a healthier community and which becomes the need of the hour. Mushroom farming is also a good mode of earning, especially during this pandemic situation