Snake rescue kits were distributed to trained and certified snake rescuers of the Kerala State Forest Department. The kits were distributed to 25 selected rescuers at the Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala. The professional kit constituted recuse carry case, hooks (large and small), cotton bags, and bagger frames. This snake rescue kit is designed by experienced snake rescuers of Indian snakes ( keeping in mind the field conditions and needs of snake rescuers across the country. The incidents of snake and human conflict are increasing nowadays and many of the snakes are on the verge of extinction due to improper handling and killing. Proper training and support to the rescuers will not only support the rescuer community but also conserve the snakes, which are an important part of the food web. Social forestry department additional conservator Saju K A; SARPA App, Forest Department, Co-ordinator and ACF Mohammed Anwar; Dr. Abraham, President, TIES; Dr. Nelson P Abraham, Vice-President; Dr. Punnen Kurian, and Snake Rescuer Prashob gave a talk.

The programme was conducted by TIES in collaboration with Kerala Wildlife and Forest Department.