Training on Apiculture held at TIES


At TIES, we recently held a training session on apiculture as part of our capacity-building initiatives. The event aimed to promote apiculture within the community and highlight its importance in the modern era.

Honey bees, the unsung heroes of pollination, play a vital role in our ecosystem. Unfortunately, due to escalating pollution, they are facing the threat of extinction, which could have dire consequences for both biodiversity and human existence.

Dr. Punnen Kurian delivered an introductory session on Honey bees. Mr. Sarath Babu NB, Nature Education Officer at TIES, showcased various aspects of apiculture through live videos and pictures. He also engaged participants with practical sessions, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in handling bee colonies.

To ensure sustainability in apiculture, participants were provided with membership to the TIES APICULTURE CLUB, offering an interactive platform for ongoing support and learning.