Training on fish farming


Fish farming is a form of aquaculture. The rationale of aquaculture is not limited merely to socio-economic and marketing advantages. There are also scientific principles that weigh very much in favor of the aquatic farming of fishes. It is a relatively efficient means of producing animal protein in the economies of production when appropriate species and techniques are adopted. In the industrial age, most of the fish available on the market is heavily injected with chemicals which may lead to serious health issues. Chemicals are added for preservative purposes and also another source is marine or aquatic pollution. So in order to overcome these people started to grow fish on their farmland and which also was a major form of income for many for the past several years. The absolute economics of a culture system depends very much on the species, production technology, and market conditions.

TIES is conducting fish farming training as part of its community development activities. The session will be handled by experts from the field.

Details of the training programme

Date of Training: 11.11.2023

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