Training on home waste management solutions held at TIES


In the heart of our community, a silent menace looms large – waste, once considered a wealth misplaced, has now become a pressing issue. With improper waste management practices rampant, our surroundings are marred by pollution, with plastic reigning supreme as the chief culprit. TIES through our community development initiatives is empowering community through education and practical solutions. Led by the esteemed Dr. Punnen Kurian, TIES organized a comprehensive training session focused on home waste management solutions. The training delved into the intricate nuances of waste management, covering everything from understanding the various types of waste to the fundamental principles guiding effective waste management practices. Participants were equipped with invaluable knowledge on implementing sustainable waste management solutions within their homes. A highlight of the session was the demonstration class, where innovative composting methods were showcased. From the Deenabendhu composting unit to pit composting, vermicomposting, pot composting, Kamba composting, and pipe composting – attendees were introduced to eco-friendly techniques. With enthusiasm and dedication, 11 participants actively engaged in the training, eager to make a positive impact on their surroundings.