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TIES Research Training Programme

TIES Research Training Programme (TRTP) is a unique research training programme for B.Sc, M. Sc and M. Phil students of Indian and foreign universities which aims at imparting a personalised experience in research methods on various subjects such as biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, food & nutrition, toxicology, phytochemistry, environmental sciences etc. More than 800 students from 25 colleges in 7 South Indian Universities have completed their UG/PG projects in this scheme.

Most of the projects have been published in journals or presented at science congresses/conferences/seminars by the students themselves. TRTP is first pioneer and only comprehensive package for students in short term research training in India. It offers meticulously planned lab work, library assistance including round-the-clock Internet service and lab facilities. The programme is guided by expert researchers with more than 25 years of experience in teaching and scientific research. Till date, 497 students have completed their projects here.

Please mail or call +91-9497290339 for details.