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TIES is the pioneering and leading partner for several colleges in India in their academic, research, extension and community development activities. Two categories of collaborative activities are on the anvil.

1. CNPI (College-NGO Partnership Initiative) It is a mutually benefitting research-cum – extension project of TIES, involving students and faculty of affiliated colleges in India. CNPI is basically a student capacity building programme, equipping them to meet the challenges and to evolve a socially and environmentally responsible society. During the first phase of the project, colleges in Kerala will be included, then the south Indian states in the second phase, and finally the entire country. Green Audit is a mandatory report for NACC accreditation. TIES is one of the premier Institute in India, which conducts Green Audits for Colleges.

2. Collaboration for conducting research projects, seminars, conferences, etc. The students and teachers are provided with opportunities to participate in TIES research projects and programmes. TIES also extend similar kind of activities at the school level also.