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Junior Naturalist Course (JNC) CNPI Tropical Explorers Enjoy Series


Tropical Explorer (TE)

Nature is the greatest textbook to learn about nature conservation. Kerala is blessed be on the outskirts of one of the world’s most significant biodiversity hotspots - The Western Ghats. Tropical Explorers is TIES’ educational tourism program and aims to evoke the spirit of nature conservation through unique experiences of exploring the nature at its pristine best.

Why Tropical Explorers?

Tropical Explorers (TE) schedules are customized for various groups according to the nature of their occupation and requirements and/or restrictions. It thus becomes a perfect outing and leisure trip for every participant. Trek locations are carefully selected that are less explored and possess the best of Western Ghats diversity and aesthetics. Each trek is the experience of a lifetime… a rejuvenating escape from stress-ridden professional lives.

The fulltime assistance and guidance of experts including naturalists will provide a truly intellectual and enjoyable experience. Participants can avail professional guidance for wildlife photography upon request.

Aramanakkadu Nature Reserve, Nedumkandam

TE offers you an opportunity to explore three forest types: shola, moist deciduous and grassland. The site boasts a rich diversity of birds, including rare species like Malabar grey hornbill, Malabar parakeet, common hoopoe and lesser coucal. It supports a faunal diversity of over 82 birds, 56 butterflies and other animals. The climate of the site is very chilly with a temperature range of 10-15oC at night. Occasionally, the temperature drops below 10oC with the dense fog affecting the visibility. At Aramanakkadu, the participants get to experience the lifestyle of Mannan tribal community.


Accommodation will be arranged within the forest. Living arrangements will be provided at nearby forest bungalows or at camp tents (depending on availability).


You will get the opportunity to savour ethnic and tribal cuisines, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Menus can be decided during pre-booking discussions.


1. Destinations are less-explored wildlife areas.
2.Take you to deep forest areas
3. Expert guides/naturalists will accompany you to provide interesting information on plants and animals
4. Jungle safaris, hiking, trekking, bird watching & butterfly watching.
5. Adventure treks with all safety measures.


TE Packages

Standard Packages: TE offers standard One-Day, Two-Day & Three-Day packages. These can be customised as required.

Loris Trail – The Aramanakadu Nature Reserve has rich slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus) population. The Loris Trail consists of night treks specifically to sight this species.

Please call +91-9497290339 or mail to tropicalschool@gmail.com  for details

The Tropical Explorers Experience

1.Everlasting memories in the wild with ample learning and leisure experiences
2.Perfect break from a busy schedule to recharge oneself
3.Live with nature – truly – in the middle of the forest with birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, fresh air, and the sound of nature for company
4.An excellent team building experience for corporate groups