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Junior Naturalist Course (JNC) CNPI Tropical Explorers Enjoy Series


Enjoy Series

Enjoy Learning Enjoy Learning is a unique experiment in environmental education, targeting transformation in the stakeholder community, where mysteries of nature are explained in an enjoyable way to the students so that it benefits both their studies as well live. The one-day programme can be treated as a “Field Study programme”, “Field Assignment” or “Laboratory or Research Institute Visit” as envisaged in the curriculum of several UG courses in India. For each age group, separate modules have been developed based on a general plan. These modules can be customized as per any institution’s needs. Enjoy Teaching This is a customized tutelage of a 1-5 day programme for teachers of any subject and background. This course aims at imparting a nature-oriented approach in teaching which can help in transforming the entire teaching-learning process of any subject. It trains teachers in environmental education and associate current issues to classroom teaching, make teachers aware of our rich natural heritage and the importance of its conservation, helps teachers to develop a module for their subject (any subject) connecting it with the environment and support teachers to build environmentally responsible students and thereby a community. Enjoy Life It is a programme that focuses on inculcating an eco-friendly lifestyle within the layperson. It provides a wide spectrum of nature. A unique experiment in environmental education targeting transformation in the stakeholder community, this includes classroom discussions, practical illustrations and experiences on eco-friendly lifestyle. The course covers topics such as green architecture, home waste management, energy management, organic food, natural farming, homestead diversity etc. TIES also offers extended services including consultancy and implementation support.