A collaboration towards sustainability


Marian College (Autonomous), Kuttikanam, has signed a collaborative agreement with the Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES) to work towards attaining sustainability goals. This partnership aims to establish and promote sustainable practices and programs on campus through the Marian Centre for Sustainable Development. It will engage students by providing opportunities for them to participate in projects, internships, surveys, and other initiatives aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Projects will focus on Environment Management System, energy, water, biodiversity conservation, waste management and occupational health and safety.

During the inaugural ceremony, Prof. Dr. Ajimon George, Principal of Marian College (Autonomous), delivered the keynote address. The opening remarks was given by Dr. T. V. Muralivallabhan, Director of the Marian Institute of Management (MIM) and Marian Centre for Sustainable Development, followed by an orientation session led by Dr. Punnen Kurian, Secretary of TIES.

Ms. Caron Repub C, gave the welcome speech, and Ms. Surya, delivered the vote of thanks. The program was attended by selected students and faculty members of Marian Centre of Sustainable Development, marking a significant step towards fostering a culture of sustainability within the academic community.