College - NGO Partnership Initiative (CNPI) is a mutually benefitting research-cum – extension project of TIES, involving students and faculty of affiliated colleges in India. CNPI is basically a student capacity building programme, equipping them to meet the challenges and to evolve a socially and environmentally responsible society. The aim of the programme is to inculcate a research culture among students and faculty of affiliated colleges to empower colleges to take up social and environmental issues and to develop the right scientific temper and outlook.

St. Thomas College, Ranni and TIES signed the MoU for CNPI and as part of the programme Green Audit session was inaugurated. The training was given to the students with respect to the green audit programme. The training covered waste audit, water audit, energy and biodiversity audits and students were trained on how to conduct the survey, data collection methods, and when to conduct the survey. The training was led by Dr Punnen Kurian and Nelson P Abraham. The session was attended by 80 students ( as it was pandemic period minimum students were allowed) and 8 teachers from different streams and they are the team coordinators. Covid protocol was strictly followed throughout the training programme. Dr Aruna Devy, Ast. Professor, Dept. of Zoology organised the programme and coordinate the entire activities in association with the audit.

Along with the training, a mock survey was also conducted by the student groups with the help of their coordinator teachers.