A collaborative venture of TIES and Samaritan's Purse Canada (SPC), was inaugurated with a three-day workshop at TIES from 31st May, 2023 to 2nd June 2023. Domestic water quality is at risk in most parts of our country, including Kerala. A low-cost bio-sand filter, developed by Dr David Manz, University of Calgary, Canada, in the 1990’s, have been tested in 17 countries. This filter can be made using locally available materials and is 90-99% effective against bacteria and for the removal of turbidity, colour, odour and iron. Besides, a simple attachment to the filter makes it an excellent remover of Arsenic. This BOMA Biosand Filter is made in India for the first time.

The collaboration commissioned TIES to conduct the field test, evaluate and standardize the Biosand Filter for various states in India. Ron Orcajada, Water Program Manager, Samaritans Purse Canada, led the training sessions during the workshop. Collaborators from various parts of India including Deepak Musuku from Assam, Banchhanidhi Nag & Sudam Nanda from Orissa, Rohit from Chandigarh, and Sunil from Maharashtra participated. The project plan is discussed and finalized. The first phase will be completed before 31.11.2023.

Dr. Abraham Samuel K, Dr. Punnen Kurian, Biju K, Sarath Babu NB, Ajayakumar M N, Soumya S, and Anoopa Mathews represented TIES in the workshop. 12 other members of TIES including students and interns also got training.