Jalaraksha Campaign held in collaboration with Senior Citizen Forum and Public Library, Kooropada


Good water; Good Health- Jalaraksha Campaign

Jalaraksha water quality testing campaign is a programme under Good Water, Good Health project of TIES implemented in association with community organizations. Drinking water samples of households belongs to the community organization are testing at TIES lab and solutions will be provided for these households with contaminated water.

As part of Jalaraksha Campaign of TIES, 130 water samples from households of Kooropada were tested and results were distributed at a meeting held on 2nd July at Kooropada Public Library. Classes were given on water quality parameters, remedial measures, and water conservation methods. Dr. Punnen Kurian and Ms. Soumya S, from TIES led the sessions. Programme was organized by Senior Citizen Forum and Public Library Kooropada in collaboration with TIES.