Kottayam Urban Bird Survey Conducted



The fifth TIES Kottayam Urban Bird Survey ended with 44 species. The 2019 bird survey identified 43 species. The birds identified includes White Cheeked Barbet, Common Myna, Crows, Racket Tailed Drongo, Black Drongo, Rock Pigeon, etc. waterbirds include Cotton Pigmy Goose, Purple Heron, Cormorants, Oriental darter, etc. It was noticed that the house sparrow are missing in many sites were they were formerly found.

The bird survey was conducted at CMS College campus, Thirunnakara, Nagambadom, Erayilkadavu, PWD Rest House at Kottayam. Common and Jungle Myna, Rufous Treepie, Black Drongo and White-cheeked Barbet were the most common birds identified in the campus. The survey was conducted by junior naturalists, TIES expert team and some passionate bird watchers.