Online Mushroom Farming Training


Mushrooms which are a group of edible fungi are a good nutraceutical as well as a lucrative business. There are 100's of varieties of mushrooms in this world and in that many are edible.  They can be seen in grasslands, dead woods, straws, dung, etc. and this is because of the fact that they lack chlorophyll which helps plants to prepare food. Thus mushrooms depend on a substrate for their growth and existence. We must be aware that all mushrooms occurring in nature are not edible. At present, there is no simple method to differentiate an edible mushroom from a non-edible type. Mushrooms have medicinal, nutritional properties and thus they are called "Nutraceuticals". Unlike most plants, mushroom cultivation is an indoor activity. Under controlled conditions, they can be grown throughout the year. Over decades mushroom production has increased and that includes shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, milky mushrooms, button mushrooms, etc. The total estimated mushroom production in India in 2016 was around 1.3 lakh tonnes. There are also edible mushrooms that are seen only in forests and we have not succeeded in cultivating these in our country. 

Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES) is trying to make people more aware of Mushrooms. As part of our capacity-building initiatives TIES is conducting online sessions in mushroom farming to reach more people. Till now, thousands of people learned mushroom farming under the aegis of TIES and many of them are making income from that too. The 12th batch of the TIES Online Mushroom Farming training is scheduled to be on 11th September 2021, Saturday. Registration can be done online or through direct registration at TIES Office. Participants will be awarded e-certificates. 



Details of Training:

Date of Training            : 11.09.2021
Registration Fee            : Rs.200

Medium of Instruction: Malayalam

Registration Link          :