Online Training on Fish Farming Held


Fish farming is an ancient method of farming and is also a fixed source of protein. Aquaculture can be done on the basis of the grower's needs and capacity. If the pond is ecologically balanced, then there is only very little management required. Growing fish in our backyard can be treated as a sustainable method of food production and also income.TIES as part of its capacity-building initiatives have started training people on fish farming. The training was through online mode and which made wide reach. The aim of the training was to offer training on fish farming in backyards. This will help people to grow fish in their backyards for their home needs and even on a commercial basis. Nowadays in our markets fish are highly contaminated by chemicals and other pollutants by the sellers mainly for storage purposes. The ocean and other water pollution have also led to toxicities in fish. These fishes when cooked in our kitchens will on the other hand cause severe health issues. In this regard, the training will make people cultivate fish at their homes and will be pollutant-free.


The training was led by Surendran Nair, Retd. Deputy Director of Fisheries. Training constituted an introduction to aquaculture, different types of production systems, fishes that can be farmed at our backyards which can be used for home needs, fish health management, etc. There was also an open forum for the participants to clarify the fish farming-related queries and also demonstration of two aquaculture models at TIES.Dr. Punnen Kurian, Secretary, TIES; Sarath Babu, NEO, TIES co-ordinated the session. The session was attended by 24 participants from different parts of Kerala.