Online Training on Homewaste Management (Batch-IV)


Waste is the wealth placed at the wrong placed. For many waste is a material that no longer serves a purpose, so it should be thrown away and this may led to environmental nuisance. People are unaware about the fact that waste is recyclable. The problem in cities is hw to dispose large mass of solid waste daily and this is a rubik's cube for authorities. The problem about waste is two folded: how to dispose it of and how to extract its recycling wealth. 

TIES is trying to tackle this issue with low cost, eco-friendly solutions and as a begining we are training community of how to manage homewaste and transform it into fertilizers. An online training on "Home Waste Management Solutions" is given to the community . The foruth batch will be on 2nd October, 2021. the training covers waste, waste management, different homewaste management solutions, composting methods,benefits of composting, etc. 


Training Details:

Date of Training: 02.10.2021

Registration Fee : Rs. 100

Medium of Instructions: Malayalam

Registration Link: