Online Training on Home waste Management held


Many mechanisms are put forwarded by our Government inorder to curb the waste production and to convert waste into energy. But alike most other cases it also became null and void. Landfilling is adopted by many parts of the world as a better disposal option. Yeah its true that its a good form of waste disposal but in many parts they are not managed well, which aging causing severe environmental issues. TIES as part of its capacity building initiatives is training people on how to manage waste at their home itself. The 3rd batch of TIES online training on Home Waste Management was held and was attended by 26 people from several parts of Kerala. The session covered areas like waste, types of waste, environmental issues, health issues, management methods , etc. along with practical session on how to use pit compost, bucket compost, pot compost, pipe compost, vermicompost, Deenbandhu biogas plant, etc. Along with these GeeBin a waste management item developed by a Foab Solutions, a start-up at Amal Jyoti College of Engineering was also shown to the participants.