Poultry Farming Training held


An online training session was conducted by the Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES) on Poultry Farming (Chicken). The session covered varieties of breeds, modes of Poultry farming, diseases affecting chickens, feeds to be given, management measures, etc, along with models of cages. An open Session for doubt clarification was also there.

Chickens are raised for their egg, meat, and income-generating source. Poultry farming can be done even with limited space. Globally, poultry farming has great importance due to its multi-values, it supports our diets, provides us fertilizer, has nutritional value, generates income, etc. Today amid this pandemic situation, this will be a good source of income for many families. Proper care assures great benefits from this. This will keep a person busy as well. Chicken manure is a good source of fertilizer for farming, it is a complement to commercial nitrogen. If you go for organic and poultry farming both can be taken hand-in-hand. TIES aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle through healthy practices. 

The Session was led by Manoj Kumar, Asst. Director, Poultry Farm, Manarcad, and Dr. Punnen Kurian, Secretary, TIES. The session was attended by 30 participants from several sectors of the community. It was the sixth batch of TIES Online Poultry Farming Training