As part of Paaristhithikam 2021-2022, the students of National service scheme of Devaswom board higher secondary school, Kavumbhagom, Thiruvalla and local people joinly planted riparian trees along the banks of river stretch at Keecherivalkadavu bridge area where Manimala River joints with Pamba through Puthenthodu. Sapling belonging to six riparian species such as Crateva magna, Chrysopogan zizanioides, Terminalia arjuna, Bambusa bambos, Humboldita vahliana, Ochreinauclea missions are planted. Trees guards made by students provided for each sapling ensuring protection were provided for all the saplings planted. The programme was led by Reshma S (NSS programme officer), Lekha. P (Teacher)and NSS volunteers, Dr. Punnen Kurian Principal Investigator to the project, Mr. Sarath Babu (NEO), Ms. Nowfiya.N (Programme coordinator), Mr. Jijo Mon (Visual media manager), Mr. Augustine Joseph (Project Assistant, Bees for life) from Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences have given assistance to the programme. Students and teachers shared their debut experience with river conservation activities as a conclusion to the programme. Mr. Akhil M Nair NSS volunteer secretary assured that the school unit will ensure proper maintenance and growth of the saplings.