Samagra Shiksha Kottayam conducted two-day science camp at TIES for winners of science fair


In an inspiring collaboration between Samagra Shiksha Kottayam, General Education Department, and TIES, a two-day science camp was recently conducted at TIES. This event aimed to provide a unique opportunity for school students who showcased exceptional talent in science fairs across the district. Thirty carefully selected students from 13 Block Resource Centers (BRCs) eagerly participated in this enriching experience. Throughout the camp, participants engaged in a diverse array of activities designed to foster their scientific curiosity and environmental awareness. From thrilling eco-games to thought-provoking skits addressing community issues, the camp offered a dynamic platform for learning and creativity. Interactive sessions delved into topics such as the importance of biodiversity, effective waste management strategies, and the fascinating flora and fauna native to Kerala. Moreover, students gained practical insights into eco-friendly building construction techniques, innovative farming methods using grow bags, and essential laboratory techniques for water analysis. Led by the knowledgeable guidance of Ms. Dhanya, DPO of Samagra Shiksha Kottayam, resource persons from various BRCs and Dr Punnen Kurian, Secretary, TIES , the training sessions were both informative and engaging. As these young minds return to their schools and communities, they carry with them not only newfound knowledge but also a deeper appreciation for the wonders of science and the environment. The impact of this two-day camp extends far beyond its duration, planting the seeds for a future generation of passionate scientists and environmental stewards.