Swachhta Saarathi Fellowship - Workshop on Plastic Reduction & Recycling initiative conducted


A workshop on plastic reduction and recycling was held at TIES as part of the Swachhta Saarathi Fellowship initiative. The event, led by Dr. Punnen Kurian and Swachhta Saarathi Fellow Ms. Soumya S., aimed to address the critical issues surrounding waste management and promote sustainable practices among the younger generation.

The workshop drew significant participation, with 43 DLED students from DIET, Kottayam, and 3 chemistry students from St. Xavier's College, Vaikom, actively taking part. The sessions were designed to be both informative and practical, providing participants with a thorough understanding of the environmental impact of waste and equipping them with the skills needed for effective waste management.

Dr. Punnen Kurian and Ms. Soumya S. led the workshop with engaging presentations that highlighted the current challenges posed by plastic waste and the importance of recycling. They emphasized the necessity of adopting sustainable waste management practices to reduce environmental pollution.

The highlight of the workshop was the hands-on session, where students were encouraged to get creative with waste materials. They crafted various products from items that would otherwise be discarded, demonstrating innovative ways to recycle and repurpose waste. This practical approach not only reinforced the theoretical knowledge shared during the presentations but also inspired the participants to think differently about waste.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the students made a collective commitment to implement the waste management practices they had learned. They expressed a strong resolve to contribute to a cleaner environment by adopting sustainable habits in their daily lives. To acknowledge their participation and newfound commitment, certificates were distributed to all attendees.

The success of this workshop underscores the importance of educational initiatives in fostering environmental awareness and action among young people. By equipping them with knowledge and practical skills, such programs play a crucial role in promoting sustainability and reducing the burden of waste on our planet.