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JuniorNaturalist Course (JNC)

Junior Naturalist Course (JNC)

Children are by nature knowledge-seekers and, in Kottayam, are blessed with an abundance of natural wealth in their immediate surroundings. The Junior Naturalist program is based on experiential learning under expert guidance that brings focus to their innate curiosity about the world around them and hones their learning and situation analysis skills. The course is a 15-module programme with more than 100 hours of instruction and is designed to complement the school’s Biology curriculum. Each of these modules is a day-long activity (6 hours) and is divided into an introductory talk, on-field activity, and debriefing session. A single-day visit to Kumarakom/ Kallara /Vembanad-Kol wetland ecosystem will introduce birds, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, odonates, flora, and typical ecosystem features. The course also includes a trek to Thattekad Bird Sanctuary which is a two-day activity. The trek focuses on acquainting the students with a protected ecosystem and helping them to understand the delicate web connecting the different species of flora and fauna. The students are also able to appreciate the differences and similarities with other ecosystems visited previously during the course. The final evaluation of the student is conducted during the Thattekad field visit. The course is available for students from Std II to Std IX and is customized for each level. (ie, the Reptiles module for Std IX-X will be different from that of Std XI-XII). Students choosing to present natural science projects during Board exams will be guided by TIES. Why take the Junior Naturalist Course?   In today’s day and age, it is not enough for a student to merely gather knowledge related to specific subjects. Students who are aware of the current on-ground situations, especially those related to the environment and climate change, and the consequences thereof are at an advantage when it comes to engaging with educational institutions for higher studies as well as corporations where careers are made. Such organizations give preference to candidates who are able to see the big picture, have the ability to learn quickly, analyze situations and apply their knowledge to come up with holistic solutions. The Junior Naturalist Course does just that! The student has an opportunity to learn by experience and is guided by subject experts. The small group size (20-25 students) ensures that the guides have the opportunity to interact with even the most reticent of students. The group activities and in-school follow-up activities encourage students to make a habit of learning, to step forward and take the initiative and maintain consistency; qualities that are crucial for success. The Junior Naturalist course engages with subject experts in each module to ensure that students receive quality instruction. Our experts not only have impressive credentials but are also born educators who delight in sharing their knowledge and experience with the students.